Meet the committee for the academic year 2020-2021! We're a relatively small team but we love what we do!


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Jasmin Chauhan

Hi! My name is Jasmin and I'm DEN's president.


I'm a third year doing BSc Economics. I heard about DEN at the beginning of my second year and had a great first semester (when we could still do events) as part of the team. I'm an Indian woman and I first got involved with DEN because I didn't see many women in my field and I wanted to help bring change.

Being a leading part of this society has been rewarding! Speaking to like-minded people and hearing about their experiences and how they have seen representation change first-hand interests me so much!

I hope to see some of you at our virtual events this year!


Tanishka Raaz

Hi I'm Tanishka, a final year BSc Economics student from India! As an international student in the UK, I have always looked for places that make me feel welcome despite the cultural difference. DEN is that safe space for me. It is not only a tight knit community of diverse students, but also a platform to bring awareness and change in the field of Economics and make it more inclusive. Everything that I am passionate about!


I am the current secretary of DEN and last year, I was involved with promotions. I am hopeful that DEN would be able to bring about a positive change in our surrounding and beyond and we'd be more than glad if you'd want to be a part of this too! 


Santhra Martin

Hi! My name is Santhra and I'm a third year BSc Economics student from Manchester. I joined Diversifying Economics last year as the social media coordinator and this year, I'll be the events coordinator. 

As a woman of colour and one of the two girls who studied Economics for A-Levels in my school, being a part of this society is really important to me. It's a place that gives a platform to people like me and where we can come together to make a difference!

I look forward to meeting you virtually this year!


Hey everyone! My name is Ana- Maria and I'm a second year BA Economics student from Romania. I am currently working as the treasurer of the society following my role in event management last year. 

Growing up, I've always been attached to STEM subjects and had the privilege to pursue my interests freely. However, I realise that this is not the case for many people around the world, who often get discouraged from pursuing such a career path. 

The discipline of Economics in particular holds the reputation of "being dominated by white men wearing suits" which is why it is so important to raise awareness around the lack of diversity in the subject. I truly hope that when I become a professional, my co-workers will be both men and women from every background!

I wish everyone a safe, rewarding academic year and hope to meet you soon!

Ana-Maria Dumitrescu