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*Note that not all degree subjects, especially joint subjects will be represented, you may have to look at two or three different individual subjects to get some ideas of the variety of areas your specific degree may be useful.


**Please note, the results of these tests  will only give you suggestions of options that match with how you answered the questions.  It won’t be a definitive list of everything you can do, nor will you necessarily be interested in all the options suggested.  Keep in mind that just because you can do something, that’s not the same as wanting to do it.   Use the suggestions given to kick-start your thinking but then make sure you analyse the options and try to identify what you do and don’t like about each suggestion.  This will help you identify the elements you’d like a job to contain, even if you don’t know exactly what that job is.   Things that matter to you can include,  the  duties of the job,  the skills you need to use,  practical factors such as location and salary and what you want to get out of your career e.g. do you want to travel, use your language skills, or do something that helps people?  You can then research which other jobs may contain the elements that are important to you or come and have a chat with the Careers Service and we can give you some support with exploring further.